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Hosted by the vibrant and charismatic Sam Pelissero, SHMEE is a virtual talk show that showcases stories of resilience, self-discovery, and 100% pure joy.  SHMEE is not only Sam's nickname, but it's a word that means to block out the bad, express pure joy, and follow the beat of the universe. From famous music artists, to ground breaking political figures, and even psychics & drag performers, the special guests each week will leave you wanting to find your own ways to make the world a better place. 

SHMEE will have an exclusive conversations with a special guest, as well as other segments from cooking, to live music performances, and Sam will even pop by local businesses to showcase their stories.

Episodes will premiere every Tuesday here at 10am EST, as well as on YouTube at youtube.com/shmeeshow

The interviews will also be 'airing' on podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Just search "SHMEE"

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My EXTREME Drag Makeover with Queen Crystal Envy

Mormons & the Mean Streets of Hoboken

I get the full kit and caboodale treatment from New Jersey queen, Crystal Envy. She helps me get into full glam drag for the very first time and girl...the results do not disappoint! I am now a proud daughter in the Haus of Envy!

Shmee on the Street! Correspondent Greg Contaldi hits the streets of Hoboken to meet some locals, hear some stories, and give away from drinking money!

A Yoopers Guide to the U.P.

Is Taylor Swift the Hero or the Villain?!

Welcome to the U.P.! The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is filled with the most beautiful sights and the most delicious cuisine. Oh, and we get a behind the scenes look at how the #1 pasty is made! 

Correspondent Kelly Fitzpatrick hits the mean streets of Hoboken to ask some hard hitting questions and force unsuspecting victims to make life or death decisions.

Taylor Tote - Low Key Stressed (Official Live Performance)


Live from my living room during a thunder storm!